Registration is Friday April 21st from 5:45-6:45 pm for all new students ages 5-7yrs old.

Shotokan Karate-do Dojo Training Schedule:

Wednesday 7-9PM: SKDD Instructors Training for members 16yrs and older who are graded at a Brown Belt level.

Friday 7-8:30PM: General Training for all grade/rank levels. New members may also attend this class.

Saturday 11AM-12PM: Training for new members

Class Fees: 

$60/month for SKDD members payable the first class of the month.                           $20/class for non SKDD members and drop in students.

*SKDD members are not charged belt examination fees. Belt grade exams (below black belt) often run $50.00 and up and a lot of programs conduct exams every 4 to 6 weeks.

Black Belt examinations generally start at $500.00 and go up as one goes through the ranks. We purchase belts for $5.00. We feel no need to charge $50.00 for them.

At the Shotokan Karate-do Dojo, we are in it for the OUTCOME not the INCOME.

SKDD members receive free admission to all SKDD events and training seminars


Eron Ahmeti: Chief Instructor

Sahara Ahmad: Instructor

Michael Larkin: Technical Director

Email:  skddojo@gmail.com